Skype Video Call Recording

Install Skype in No Time!
1) Download Skype and Save it on the desktop
2) Click on Skype, agree and install Skype
3)After Installation choose a Skype Name that best describes You..
Watch the Video Below to See How Skype Works

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record skype and CAM4 video calls
Record Skype Calls

How To Know What Your Partner/Child is Hiding on Their Computer

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skype meGet SkypeMe mode back for more video fun
Mikrophone and a Headset
Linux, Mac, Windows XP or Vista Windows 7 or Windows 2000 with DirectX 9.0 installed
min. 1GHz Prozessor, 256 MB RAM
Broadband Internet Connection
Skype VideoCall Software

Livedating with Skype

Security Aspects

Record anything on your computer screen: any videos DVDs or livestreams

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